Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do Something Charlottesville Gets Organized

Do Something Charlottesville had a short organizational meeting at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library on January 16, 2008. Nine people attended and we had a lively and fun discussion about how Do Something Charlottesville could take meaningful local action to address the challenges of global climate change. Here is a brief summary of the meeting.


Build on the energy and enthusiasm generated at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network conference. Gather like-minded people in Charlottesville to take local action to fight climate change. Offer a supportive forum for creative ideas. Make Charlottesville a "mecca of citizen participation."


Create committees to organize monthly "Days of Action" based on the interests of the group. Meet monthly to plan ahead, get committee reports, and introduce new members. Assign monthly "homework" so that each member of the group is doing something!


Target Charlottesville City Council and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (Peter Kleeman)
- Citizen impact through comments
- Use Green City resolution as basis of comments
- Be proactive in addressing issues related to climate change
- Make Charlottesville a statewide pioneer on climate change

Citzien's Sustainability Committee (Adrienne Dent)
- Collaborate/influence Dave Norris' committee assigned to sustainability

Economic development in Southwest Virginia (Kelly Bain)
- Local herb farms

Relocalization of Charlottesville (Dawn Story)
- Focus on pro-active reduction of consumption or "down power"
- Involve local permaculture groups
- Refer to Dawn's chart

Public Outreach (Everyone)
- Host a film festival
- Street theater
- Simulate local mountaintop removal mining
- Earth Day event
- Festival of the Photo
- Concert with local musicians
- Article/Book discussion group

Fight misinformation/Embrace Reality (Aaron, Adrienne, Jim)


Regular meetings on first Wednesdays @ 6:30 at the Central Library -- Next Meeting: 2/6/08

Create committees

Build membership


Outreach (Jennifer, Kelly, Dawn)

Create a blog (Peter)

Distribute contact list and notes (Hannah, Jennifer)


1. Send Valentine to Creigh Deeds (support SB446)
2. Brainstorm about monthly days of action
3. Generate new homework assignments


Brian Wheeler's "Charlottesville Tomorrow" Blog:

"Big Coal" by Jeff Goodell

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