Thursday, August 28, 2008

Minutes of the Aug. 12, 2008 Meeting from Jennifer

This just in from Jennifer - the minutes from August 12, 2008 meeting at the McIntire Room, Jefferson-Madison Library. Posted by Peter Kleeman

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone had a great summer!! I've been remiss in my duties as the Do Something Charlottesville note-taker! We met on August 12 this month (due to scheduling difficulties) and though we were a small group, we had two great guests! Mike McCoy of Appalachian Voices and Antigone Ambrose of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network joined us to speak about upcoming actions. Briefly, here are the topics we discussed and any updates since the meeting:

1) Perriello vs. Goode: On August 13, Peter Kleeman attended the Virginia Senior Statesman forum featuring Tom Perriello and Virgil Goode. Peter submitted a question about addressing climate change, and even though it was not selected, both candidates addressed energy issues. Virgil Goode advocated drilling offshore and in the Alaskan wildlife refuge and generating coal based energy. Perriello was in favor of some new oil drilling - not in ANWR - and development of alternative energy sources. He did not mention coal in his answer. Later, Peter had the chance to ask him directly about his energy policy and the answer was vague. Peter suggested that we communicate the need for addressing these issues - and possibly suggest explicit positions for him to consider adopting. Email can be sent to him at if you wish to follow up by email.

2) Meeting with Goode: Our legislators are on recess and we are trying to schedule a meeting with Virgil Goode at his Charlottesville office to discuss our concerns about environmental issues in Virginia, including mountaintop removal mining and energy efficiency. I haven't had any luck getting a meeting yet, but I'll keep you posted!

3) Governor's Commission on Climate Change: On August 27, public comments were heard by the commission that Governor Kaine has created to address climate change. There were 45 speakers and 44 of them asked the commission to recommend exceeding the governor's proposed greenhouse gas reduction targets. Concerned citizens from across Virginia (some traveled 15 hours roundtrip to offer their comments) proposed scientific, religious, and moral reasons to use renewable energy, demand energy efficiency, and end the use of fossil fuels. I represented Do Something Charlottesville! You can see what the commission is up to and leave written comments here:

4) PVCC Green Job Training: Peter Kleeman is on the board of Piedmont Virginia Community College now and he spoke about having the school be a leader in providing green jobs training. Antigone suggested that he find ideas about this from 1Sky, who has three goals: No new coal, green jobs, and science-based targets for global warming reductions. They're having a national day of action for Green Jobs on September 27.

5) Clean Energy Pledge: The Wise Energy Coalition (Appalachian Voices, CCAN, SAMS, Sierra Club, and SELC) are planning to use a Clean Energy Pledge to identify the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Virginia General Assembly. They are proposing that groups from across Virginia target their representatives to garner support for clean energy in Virginia by asking them to sign this pledge. The organization and training for the pledge would be a lead up to the next topic….

6) Introducing Bills in the Virginia General Assembly: The Wise Energy Coalition is working on some bills to introduce in next year's General Assembly! Preparation begins with the Clean Energy Pledge above.

7) Left of Center: Jennifer is going to try to arrange for Mike McCoy of App Voices to speak at a Left of Center meeting. LoC is a group for youngish democrat (and "dem-curious") people that meet every month to hear a lecture and discuss various topics.

8) Our next three DSC meetings are scheduled in our regular meeting room (Central Library, McIntire Room) on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30: September 3, October 1, and November 5.

The fall is here! The climate is changing! Let's get back to work!